Don Martin

Do you recall which chainplate you used when replacing the one on your Colombia?

Boat Show Products

Great blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the work.

Albert Six

I think that I read (somewhere) an article that you wrote about diesel-electric propulsion.
There is a better way to link the diesel and the propeller. It is to use a Torque Box. The diesel keeps turning at its optimum speed and efficiency. The torque may vary but the speed remains constant.
The Torque Box transforms this mechanical power of the diesel directly into the mechanical power sent to the propeller. The speed of the propeller can vary from zero to maxi (and even get in reverse)

The T.Box introduces the flexibility of the electrical power without having to go from mechanical power to electrical and back from electrical to mechanical.
The T.Box is nothing more than a combination of a differential and a speed variator. Both have been used for many years already.

More details at

I will be glad to answer any question you may have.


Capt'n Pauley

Don't have a search engine specific to this site... What are you looking for? Here are the instructions for searching on Yahoo Sites in general:

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Join the group if you can't get access to the archives as a non-member. Fill out the profile information as required. You can always quit after you've searched the archives if you don't like what you've found or if you're just not interested in that group any longer.

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HI Love your site, Was looking for a search engine to find a particular article mentioned on a yahoo group. Am I not seeing it or do you not have a site search feature?

Randall Tuttle

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Capt'n Pauley

Dynamite Payson sells the Big Tortoise (Brick) plans:

Capt'n Pauley

garry wright

Hi there,

Where can I purchase complete plans for the Bolger Brick? Thanks! garry

Capt'n Pauley

I'd use a variable speed saber saw. I use a Bosch. Go with a medium fine metal cutting blade and a slow speed. Take your time and you'll be fine. The chips will fall into the tank, so you'll need to clean them out as best you can. The filters should handle the rest.

Good luck!

Michael Boniface

Thank you Paul,
The Betamarine engine is the smartest thing we did on the boat. Can't speak enough of the high quality !

Re. my tank challenge - I came across their site but got the feeling thay didn't work directly with the public. I will go back to it, as I recognized that they have some excellent solutions.

Just one thing re my previous note - how would you go about making the hole for one of their plates ?
Thanks again.

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