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May 31, 2009


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Teak is a beautiful wood, but it will only looks its best if you take good care of it. If you have outdoor furniture or benches made from teak, then you need to make sure you maintain it properly, so that it will continue to look fabulous in your home garden for many years to come.

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I've learned so much on varnishing. I am going to apply the concept on my old oak furniture that has been languishing in my garage. I appreciate what you've written and thank you so much.


Paul,glad I finally found you.Hopefully all is well. I have a1978 25.5 sloop W/5 sails,8hp.yanmar.Its on the hard W/all stands.Right now Id take 750.00for boat &25.00 for the stands.Hope to hear fromyou soon.WE now have a1980 33ft. sloop, give me a call-856-678-9003


From 18 years as a professional captain and an additional dozen years repairing boats I have these observations...

Varnishing is great if you're getting PAID to do it. Otherwise it sucks.

Stay away from clear epoxy at all costs. When it comes time to redo it, and that time WILL come, it's the devil's own work to strip it down to bare wood.

When I bought my own sailboat I estimated that it would take me fully a work week and a half to maintain the varnish work. I had better things to do with that week and a half a year...like lying in a hammock with an icy cold drink in my hands.

What I did was to lay on three good coats of varnish on all the wood as a base coat and then I put down two good coats of single part polyurethane paint. After three years it was still bright and shiny and I'd saved a month's worth of labor.

The reason for laying down the base coat of varnish was to protect the wood so the paint wouldn't sink into it. Then, at a later date when I came to sell the boat if the new owner wanted to varnish things it would be a simple job of stripping the paint to get to good wood.

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