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March 23, 2009


Stanley Lewandowski

I have a seaking 12 ft aluminum rowboat that has had the lining on top of the transom brake. It is where the handles on the back of the boat are. It is an older boat but still very seaworthy. Should I just hammer down the broken piece and rivet it, or do I need to replace the whole piece?


Can you apply a coating of something? that is designed for landing on the rocks to help prevent damage to the boat bottom ?
we commercial fish sometimes in low water situations. and sometimes just can't avoid scraping bottom. its a 16ft aluminum skiff.

Capt'n Pauley

Grumman boats are still being made... Contact Marathon Boats and see if they might have a replacement for you:


Erick Alpizar

I have a 1987 Grumman GSS 14' . The "Brest hook" ( that's what called) I don't know the real name broke and I can't find a replacement anywhere. Any idea what is really call and where to find it.

Dave McLaughlin

Nothing paintable will hold up. Use GFlex-650 Epoxy see Jamestown or YouTube video for application on aluminum boat rivets versus the above mentioned repairs.


Just a follow up on the post from May21,2012. After confirming that my repairs on the boat were watertight. I then applied 3 coats of fiber glas resin on both the outside and inside of the bottom of the boat. On our first fishing trip we developed 2 small leaks around 2 rivets so I drilled them out and installed 2 stainless steel screws with a neoprene washer and some Atwood Marine Sealant, we have now fished for over 6 hours in some very rough water conditions with no further leaks, yea.


why not use a brass machine screw and nut to repair hole or puncture?

Donald E

I had a real struggle recently in trying to repair a gash in the keel of an aluminum boat and also leaking rivets. I tried using the brazing rods you see demonstrated on youtube with very little success, but Cabela's Aluminum Boat Patch worked very well on the leaking rivets. While I was able to cover the gash with th brazing material it wasn't water tight and still leaked. I then made a patch out of a square piece of aluminum sheeting about 1/8 of an inch thick large enough to cover the area on the outside and inside and I used some Atwood Marine Sealant and put the patch both on the inside and outside of the area and bolted it into place using stainless steel screws and nuts and neoprene washers and it worked. I'm going to now apply some Rustoleum Road Warrior Truck bedliner over the bottom on the inside of the boat for added protection.


Very well said. Excellent blog about repairing aluminum boats, thank you for sharing!

Dan Badge

I have at least one loose rivet under my floor somewhere. Is there some product that I can paint on the bottom of my fishing boat (14') that will seal it up and hold up fairly well?

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