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April 01, 2013


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Just saw this for the first time and got a snicker.

At present I'm starting to design my own paddlewheel and am reaching back to the veeery early days for inspiration when the wheel (then literally horse powered) was between the hulls of a tri or cat as a way to obtain adequate deck space and/or overcome sea keeping issues with a rolling sidewheel boat.

Of course in my case it's for a day cruiser with "nice" accommodations much lower down than any pontoon can offer, decent size wheels and a toilet (with standing room yet) within a maximum length of not quite 26' and needing only a foot of whatever sort of water you got for getting around. For the most part "instant boat" in construction (absolutely no compounded curves, may get slightly fancy with the otherwise simple chine logs to reduce drag though).

I'm not kidding myself: without much claim on traditional looks and not enough length for its beam to pull off an ode to the Art Deco Admiral the design may well end up having all the "sexy" of a low end Winnebago.

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