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February 24, 2009



rockwool , white or blue styrofoam and use great stuff spray foam to hold in place and small crevices.ive done 3 boats that way . I can air con a 35 ft houseboat with 10k btu in 95 degrees.

Geoff Hamilton

I have a searay aft cabin with 2 closets that I have to empty twice a week and dry out. What can I use to insulate and keep dry? We live aboard in Baltimore.


Wow, that's a proper flash job you have done. I bought a 25' steel yacht and the interior is lined with glued on thin carpet which has been great for 40 years stopping any condensation but it's time to replace it simply cause it's looking old.. the steel underneath the carpet is perfect except the yellowy glue remains!
The interior steel is perfect and probably because it hasn't been buried under a ton of timber for years and I'd like to keep it that way although those timber panels you've installed do look very sexy!
I've just been snooping around forums to find out if I can glue a more modern insulation on without removing the old glue and discovered your site. Good thing I did too!

Matt Hanks

Have you thought about using Armaflex it is closed cell and quite high performing?

Capt'n Pauley

Sound like a good plan. I have used the pink insulation before with good results. The only addition I could think of is to possibly add some ventilation to the pockets from the inside to reduce and water vapor accumulation.

Capt'n Pauley

Bill Soderberg

We have a wood boat that was built in 1925 (70'wood Tugboat). the walls in the wheel house & the Main house were built with 4x4, 4x6 & 4x8. When we opened up the walls we found Household Fiberglass batting with block mold in the joist pockets. The Batting has been removed and the joist pockets cleaned.

We are planing on insulating the joist pockets with Polystyrene extruded (Pick or Blue) 2" to 3" inch's thick with Tyvek on the inside & out side. The out side will be ship lap siding (1x6) the inside will be 1x4 the some as it was in 1925.

Is this a good application?

Capt'n Pauley

"Ceiling" os the nautical term for the inside covering of a hull. You won't find them in any lumber yard under that name. I had mine milled from lumber to my specs. Any hardwood supplier can make them for you...


Capt. Pauley, your project seems simple enough, but for the life of me, I can't find ceiling strips anywhere. Is the term "strip" regional. Is there a product name to ask for it at a Lowe's or Home Depot?

jerrald shaw

Hey i have a 18fT srarcraft aluminum runabout fishing boat. I have remove the floor what type of insulation should i go back with. Please call me @ 2404318914.

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